Carbon Spined Arrow Shafts (2-8 Pack)

Loxley Bowfishing

These arrow shafts are for serious Archer-Anglers looking to build their own bowfishing arrow, replace old shafts, or stock-up on inventory with our bulk discounts.  They are Manufactured with fiberglass and have internal carbon spines for added stiffness and durability.  The internal (rather than external) carbon spines add stiffness without the risk for delamination. The printed carbon weave pattern on each shaft makes them easily distinguishable from standard fiberglass shafts. 

We know bowfishing arrows are expensive, no need to buy full bowfishing arrows every time you break an arrow shaft. If you've never replaced an arrow shaft we'd be happy to walk you through the process. Stock-up on these replacement arrow shafts now. 

  • Each order - 2-8 arrow shafts
  • Material - Fiberglass with internal carbon spines
  • Size - 5/16" OD
  • Length - 32"
  • Weight - 2.8 Oz 

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