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The Graves Half Finger - Bowfishing Glove

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Y'all it's been an amazing year, thank you for the support! Due to the high demand for our half finger gloves we are currently out of stock for M, L and XL, we've got more on the way. Stay tuned! 

The Graves bowfishing gloves (sold as a set, left & right hand) are the first gloves designed specifically with bowfishing in mind. They include an extremely lightweight design and a low profile feel for finger availability and dexterity when you need it most. These gloves will work for those who use a bowfishing release or for fingers shooters.

The Graves also feature a bowfishing specific touch point to protect your pinky when pulling arrows out of fish or pulling in line. This glove is much easier to use than a bowfishing line puller.

To top it off, it has a stylish gripped palm that gives an assist steadying the bow for the perfect shot, or hanging on when you really need it. 

Other Features of The Graves bowfishing gloves - 

  • Quick drying
  • Reinforced pinky to protect your hands when pulling arrows and line
  • Breathable for comfort in warm weather
  • Smooth lower palm design made to work with wrist releases
  • Half fingers on first three digits for finger draw


These gloves have quite a bit of stretch, when in doubt order a size down for added dexterity. 

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