Tim Wells Signature Series Shooting Glove

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The Tim Wells Signature Series Shooting Glove (sold as a set, left & right hand) are simply the world's greatest shooting gloves whether you hunt with bows, firearms, or primitive weapons.

Designed and field tested by the Slock Master himself, engineered by Loxley to absolute perfection. This all-purpose shooting glove features an extremely lightweight design and a low profile feel for finger availability and dexterity when you need it most. 

Main Features of the Tim Wells Signature Series Shooting Glove

  • Extreme Dexterity - Full finger gloves with enough stretch to maneuver and handle gear comfortably
  • Lightweight Design - Specially selected fabrics are quick drying and comfortable for hours of wear
  • Microfiber Fingertips - Provide added sensitivity and are touchscreen compatible
  • Remarkable grip - Helps you get a strong hold on your bow or gun for more stable and accurate shots


About the Loxley + Tim Wells Partnership

Relentless Pursuits require extreme gear. And when Tim Wells discovered Loxley's original Graves Bowfishing Gloves, he set his sights a new trophy he wanted: the world's greatest shooting gloves.

Loxley's product engineers were up to the challenge and began working on something special for the Slock Master. After numerous design tweaks, rounds of revisions, and months of field testing our Tim Wells Signature Series Shooting Glove is finally here. Get yours while they last!

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