2021 Loxley Bowfishing Mid-Year Gear Round Up


The last 18 months have been a wild ride for all of us. It’s been the same for Loxley. 

After successfully launching in 2019 with our flagship Graves Half-Finger Bowfishing Glove and sponsoring Bowfishing TV, we were excited to grow the brand in new ways in 2020. We made plans to attend the Birch Run Hunting and Fishing Expo, signed up for multiple tournaments, and prepared to add the Graves Full-Finger Bowfishing Glove to our lineup. 

And then covid happened. 

Fortunately, the outdoors was still a safe place to go and the pandemic didn’t stop your enthusiasm for getting out on the water. And thanks to you - our customers - we survived. In fact, we managed to grow! 

We used that momentum to release new products. We added TWELVE new items to our shop since the start of 2021. Since we’re deep into the summer, you may have missed a few. So we thought this was the perfect time to do a mid-year gear round up. Here’s a check list of everything new we introduced this year.


New 2021 Products for Loxley Bowfishing 

B3 Recurve Bowfishing Bow Kit 

Every archer-angler needs a bow and the B3 Recurve Bowfishing Bow Kit is a great option for beginners. We released the B3 Recurve Bow last year but you asked for a Kit with all the essentials you need to start sticking carp. The B3 Bowfishing Kit comes standard with a rugged and dependable Carpzilla Bowfishing Rest, high quality handmade B.A. Bowstrings, and a black anodized aluminum reel.


Siren Carbon Core Arrow Assembly

Loxley added Carbon Core Arrows this year. Carbon core arrow shafts are designed for better, straight shooting performance. Each arrow is glued and staked for superior holding performance. You'll be hard pressed to find better quality for less money. 


Siren Fiberglass Arrow Assembly

These arrow shafts are for serious archer-anglers who want to build their own arrows, replace old shafts, or stock-up on inventory with our bulk discounts. Each arrow comes pre assembled with a nock, spring slide, and slide stop. 


Revolver Bowfishing Tips

One of our best sellers this year, Loxley’s Revolver Tips are the hardest bowfishing tips on the market! Their superior construction ensures longevity when shooting night in and night out. We'd tell you more but we think this quote says it all: “They’re the best I’ve ever used - hard as hell!” - Anthony Miller, Murder Mitten (Facebook)


Siren Bowfishing Point

Engineered by Loxley and assembled in America, the Siren point represents superior quality. This durable carp tip is a great choice for those who shoot into rocky water. Ideal for all shooters, the short barbs allow the point to grab the fish even with a shallow penetration making this a great choice for low poundage bows while the durable construction makes these a must for those who shoot higher poundage bows. 


Spring Slides

Another fan favorite, our spring slides are metal instead of plastic for added durability. These slides are built to absorb thrashing movements to avoid losing fish when reeling them in. As with all other slides, they are also designed to help keep your line in front of your arrow rest when shooting to reduce the risk of your line getting tangled. Keep an eye out for a new, improved version coming soon!


Flat Liner Premium Bowfishing Line

Our bowfishing line has sold out multiple times and it’s no surprise why. The Flat Liner Premium Bowfishing Line offers peace of mind for serious bowfisherman. The Flatliner is made from braided high strength string. Rugged and abrasion resistant with minimal memory for superior reliability when reeling in fish. The bright colors allow you to easily see the line in low visibility conditions. This line works best with spinner reels.  


Aluminum Handwrap Reel

Even though it's entry level, make no mistake about Loxley's new Aluminum Handwrap Reel. Our high quality aluminum reel won’t rust and offers superior reliability for archer-anglers getting into the sport. Don't sell yourself short and purchase a plastic alternative. This reel is reminiscent of the reel that started bowfishing, and you will not be disappointed whether this is your 1st or your 100th reel.  


Bowfishing Bow & Arrow Parts

To complete your bowfishing setups, we also began offering parts. Check out our Stainless Steel Roll Pins, Stainless Steel Bowfishing Slide Stops, and Bowfishing Tip Replacement O-Rings. These are perfect for customizing your bowfishing setup!


Loxley Bowfishing Gift Cards

Last but not least, we now have Loxley Bowfishing Gift Cards! Our digital gift cards are available in $10, $25, $50, $100 and $200 denominations. Get one to give for the holidays or ask for one for your next birthday! 


Whew! If you couldn’t tell, it’s been a busy year. And we’re looking forward to more partnerships, more competitions, and more gear in 2022. So follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and thanks for being part of #TeamLoxley!

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