Loxley Bowfishing was founded by a group of outdoorsmen seeking to advance the sport of bowfishing. We provide archer-anglers with the gear and knowledge needed, so you can experience more success on the water. We are committed to serving archer-anglers today and preserving the sport for future generations.

Loxley was created by lifelong outdoorsmen. The brand, and its founders, respect the outdoor traditions from our past, but they are determined to make a new tradition for the next generation of outdoors men and women. Each Loxley product is created to solve the problems that archer-anglers face. The educational content is produced to inspire and encourage participation in the sport.


Co-Founder - Jon Graves

Bowfishing Loxley Bowfishing

- Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Michigan Tech University
- Experience in product design and development at a (built tough) motor company
- Avid outdoorsmen who is always searching for new adventures
- Much to the dismay of his friends, family, and dog, Jon typically has 25 projects going on at once
- Jon’s dog, Bourbon, is named after his love of whiskey

Co-Founder - Ryan Simmons

Bowfishing, Loxley Bowfishing

- Master's Degree in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University
- Over a decade of Bowfishing and tournament experience
- A pair of brand new socks is his utopia
- His yearly overconfidence in the Detroit Lions borders on insanity

Co-Founder - Jake Morris

Bowfishing, Loxley Bowfishing

- Bachelor's degree in Business from Saginaw Valley State University
- Considers the season opener for walleye river fishing and bow hunting holidays 
- Hunting & Fishing Enthusiast, enjoying the outdoors whenever he can
- Generally tells people he is a runner, but his top speed is a mild jog. Finished the Crim 10 mile in under 2 hours



Writer/Editor - Christina Wiese

Fishing, Loxley Bowfishing

- Bachelor's degree in Journalism from Eastern Illinois University
- Has worked in marketing and the outdoor industry for almost a decade
- Wanted to be a paleontologist growing up, never outgrew her love of dinosaurs
- Will laugh at your puns (good or bad)

Graphic Designer/Marketing Badass - Kelly Marshall

Fishing, Loxley Bowfishing

- Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from Saginaw Valley State University
- Has worked as a designer in the outdoor industry for many years
- Weirdly obsessed with Pandas (especially baby pandas)
- Has the soul and sleep schedule of an 85 year old

Bowfishing Advisor - Ray Simmons

- Multiple top five finishes, including a first-place finish, in bowfishing tournaments
- More than 30 years of bowfishing experience
- AKA Ryan's Dad


Fish Story
Ryan shot a nice carp but, unfortunately, the line came off the arrow (a major fail). This lively fish kept swimming away with the arrow still in it. Without hesitation, Ray dove into the water and caught the would-be escapee with his bare hands.
(Photo below as proof)




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