3 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bowfishing Gear & Shoot More Fish

The new year is here and you've probably set some new bowfishing goals for the year. Whether you're hoping to land a record fish, achieve a personal best, participate in your first tournament, or just haul in more carp than last year, we're here to help.

That's why Team Loxley has been busy these past few months. Jake, Jon, and Ryan have been working on improving some of our fan-favorite products and designing new ones that will help you you reach your goals. Let's take a look at 3 easy ways to shoot more fish with our latest bowfishing gear.


Haul More Fish with a New Pair of Bowfishing Gloves

You heard right. Loxley Graves Gloves have been upgraded with a re-engineered fit that feels like a second skin. This second generation version of our flagship product offers even better fit and dexterity for longer, more comfortable wear. And we didn't sacrifice any of the features of our original glove so you can rely on these gloves when it matters. The Graves V2 is available now in both half-finger and full-finger versions.  

Graves V2 Bowfishing Glove Full Finger


Shoot Straighter, Hit More with Siren Carbon Core Arrows

Upgrade your arsenal to USA-made Siren Carbon Core Arrows for a better shooting experience. These arrows are manufactured with quality and functionality in mind. They feature our hard as hell revolver tips - the hardest tips on the market - for superior durability when shooting night in and night out. The carbon core arrow shafts provide better, straight shooting performance. And the high visibility green color makes it easy to see your arrow, even in murky water. Oh, and did we mention these are engineered and assembled in America for superior quality? Order a pair today!

Lose Fewer Fish (And Arrows) with Premium Stainless Steel Spring Slides

Our original spring slides have been a Team Loxley favorite but we thought we could make them even better. Our new premium spring slides are made in the USA from 100% American stainless steel. The result is a stronger, more durable product with better corrosion resistance. Spring slides reduce wear and tear on your arrows by absorbing thrashing movements and help you avoid losing fish when reeling them in. As with all other slides, they are also designed to help keep your line in front of your arrow rest when shooting to reduce the risk of your line catching on components of your bowfishing bow. It's a must-have upgrade for all archer-anglers. 


Make this Your Year with Team Loxley

Have you tried any of these new products yet? Comment below or on Facebook to tell us what you think! We love hearing product reviews from our users and we pay attention to your feedback when creating new products.

If you haven't checked out our new gear, what are you waiting for? Bowfishing season will be here in just a few short weeks! Order your gear upgrades now and get ready to make it your best year yet. 

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