Charter Partner Program | Loxley designs high quality bowfishing equipment for the serious bowfisher.

Charter Partner Program

Benefits of Participating

  • Backlink on Loxley site to your site (Improves your SEO)
  • Loxley website gets about 1,500+ visits per month, we will help people find your charter
  • Easy one stop place for people to find your charter
  • No cost to you (free)
  • Retail pricing on Loxley items (If you add a backlink on your website to Loxley Bowfishing website)

Requirements to Participate

  • Add a backlink on your website to Loxley Bowfishing website (If you want retail pricing on Loxley products)
  • Complete charter profile information (Link below)
  • Social media call-out to Loxley (Not required, but appreciated) 

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