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Revolver Bowfishing Tips

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These bowfishing replacement tips were designed with the bowfisherman (or woman) in mind. They are the hardest on the market with an HRC hardness range of 48 - 52. The Revolver tip will stay sharp and penetrate fish long after other tips have failed - we've shot them at point blank range into everything from steel barrels to cinder blocks to ensure they can handle the rigorous demands of bowfishing. Equipped with 1/4 - 28 threads for compatibility with most arrows on the market and made with stainless steel for corrosion protection.

These tips are tough enough for any fish you decide to pursue from Carp to Alligator Gar.

  • Tips per order: 2 or 4
  • Material: Stainless Steel 420
  • HRC Hardness: 50 - hardest on the market
  • Thread Size: 1/4 - 28
  • Revolver Style ridges for easy grip while loosening/tightening the tip in wet conditions

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