PRESS RELEASE: New Bowfishing Company Launches

PRESS RELEASE: New Bowfishing Company Launches

April 16, 2019

From Christina --

Innovation is alive and well in the Great Lakes State. It’s where three lifelong sportsmen have launched Loxley Bowfishing, a new company that wants to provide archer-anglers with the gear and knowledge they need on the water.

“We founded Loxley Bowfishing to serve an under-served community,” said co-founder Jake Morris. “Traditionally, bowfishing falls somewhere between the two worlds of hunting and fishing. Fewer products are designed specifically for the sport, so you see a lot of improvised gear on the water.” Without the right gear, success is harder to achieve, and growing the sport becomes almost impossible.

The company’s co-founders – Jon Graves, Jake Morris, and Ryan Simmons – are avid outdoorsmen. They grew up fishing and hunting. In fact, the idea to start Loxley began while Simmons was competing in bowfishing tournaments. “Your hands really get torn up in a tournament. You’re constantly shooting and pulling in your line, which is hopefully stuck in a big carp,” he said. “All those repetitive motions and the weight of the line will make for sore and cut hands at the end of the day.”

Frustrated, Simmons began to search for a glove that he could wear while bowfishing. Despite testing numerous products on the market, none met his needs. Undeterred, he brought in his friend Jon Graves, a product engineer, to work on something new. After almost a year of multiple designs and revisions, they finally landed a winner.

Aptly named the Graves glove, Loxley’s flagship product is the first glove designed specifically for bowfishing. “It combines dexterity and protection with practical features for archer-anglers,” said Jon Graves. The Graves glove is available in multiple sizes and will be sold online through the company’s website.     

The Loxley store will officially open in May 2019. Prospective customers can sign up on the Loxley Bowfishing website to be notified first and receive special offers. Until then, archer-anglers waiting to get out on the water can read content and articles on the company’s blog.

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About Loxley Bowfishing

Loxley Bowfishing was founded by outdoorsmen seeking to advance the sport of bowfishing. Loxley provides the gear and knowledge archer-anglers need to experience more success on the water. Through its educational online content, innovative gear, and functional lifestyle apparel, Loxley gives bowfishing men and women an identity. The company and its founders are committed to serving archer-anglers today and preserving the sport for future generations.

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