Know Your Target: Common Carp

Know Your Target: Common Carp

by Team Loxley April 27, 2019

Growing up an avid angler fishing for walleye, bass, and perch, I never understood why so many people gave carp a bad rap. I never ran into carp while out pulling lines on the Saginaw Bay, unless close to shore or in the river. Mostly, I only saw them when their dorsal fins would breach the surface, and I paid them no attention because they weren’t the fish I wanted. Carp rarely directly impacted my fishing experiences, so I didn’t care to learn how to target or avoid them.

Now that I am bowfishing, carp are what I am after! So, I figured why not shed some light on what I have learned and why bowfishing carp is so important, especially if you’re like me and ignored them in the past!  

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