Press Release: Graves Full Finger Gloves Now Available

Press Release: Graves Full Finger Gloves Now Available

May 02, 2020

Just over a year ago, Loxley Bowfishing launched in Michigan. The fledgling company began with a straightforward mission: to provide archer-anglers with the gear and knowledge they need on the water. They introduced their flagship product, the Graves Bowfishing Glove, in May 2019.

Now, the innovation continues with the new Graves Full Finger Bowfishing Glove. Like its predecessor, these gloves were designed specifically with bowfishing applications in mind. They have an extremely lightweight design and low profile feel for finger availability and dexterity when you need it most. 

“Any archer-angler knows how torn up your hands can get after pulling in a few hundred pounds of carp or goldfish,” said Jon Graves, co-founder of Loxley Bowfishing. “These new gloves offer the trusted protection of our first generation gloves with added reinforced fingertip shooting tabs.”

Graves Full Finger Bowfishing Glove, Back of Hand ViewThe Graves Full Finger Bowfishing Glove Features

  • Reinforced contact points on pinky and first finger to prevent blisters, line burn
  • Remarkable grip helps you get a strong hold on your bow for more stable and accurate shots
  • Quick drying material keeps your hands from getting waterlogged
  • Reinforced fingertip shooting tabs for added protection
  • Full finger gloves with dexterity to perform essential bowfishing tasks 

Graves Full Finger Bowfishing Glove, Back of Hand ViewGraves Full Finger Bowfishing Gloves are available now at They retail for $25 and are sold as a set (left and right hands).

Gloves are available in sizes Small to X-Large. To find your size, measure the circumference of your hand and compare to the sizing chart. The gloves are designed with a bit of stretch, so when in doubt order a size down for added dexterity. 

“We’re excited to bring another innovative product to the bowfishing market,” said co-founder Ryan Simmons. “These gloves will help archer-anglers experience more success on the water - whether that’s in a tournament setting or a casual outing.” 

Hand wearing Graves Full Finger Bowfishing Glove draws back arrow

Customers can sign up on the Loxley Bowfishing website to receive special offers for products and notifications about new blog posts. For more information, please email


About Loxley Bowfishing

Loxley Bowfishing was founded by outdoorsmen seeking to advance the sport of bowfishing. Loxley provides the gear and knowledge archer-anglers need to experience more success on the water. Through its educational online content, innovative gear, and functional lifestyle apparel, Loxley gives bowfishing men and women an identity. The company and its founders are committed to serving archer-anglers today and preserving the sport for future generations.

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